Quatrefoil is the new chevron!!

mini quatrefoil FQ bundle

When I was inside of the Riley Blake warehouse, about 6 months ago, I told them that I thought that quatrefoil was going to be a big thing, like “the new chevron.”  I warned them to order a LOT when they got some.  They didn’t heed my warning, and thus they are now out of their new collection until August.  LOL….  I TOLD YOU SO!!!

I had to go in search of more quatrefoil, and I found some at Fabric Finders.  It is more expensive than I am used to paying, but since they offer such unique products, I am going to give it a try.  I “discovered” them at a booth during the trade show I just attended.  I kept seeing fabrics I liked, so I would ask what manufacturer they are, and every one of them was from Fabric Finders.  I was approved, ordered, and it shipped all on Monday.  Great customer service!!

I am excited to get the new prints in!  These quatrefoil are smaller, so they would be good to use for applique, as well.  🙂  YAY…..  I will be having some family in town, so I will try to work on some projects while we are sitting around chatting.  Pics will be coming soon!


The new beginning

Here I am, sitting in my hotel in Atlanta, GA where I am to attend the “Everything Applique” trade show.  There are lots of great classes to take, and new vendors to explore.  I am excited for the classes, and I will be posting some tips as well as some tutorials once I get back.

I guess I should have introduced myself first.  I am a police Sgt by day, as well as mother of 6.  At night, I run a store called forsewitseams.com or an Etsy store forsewitseams2.  The Etsy fees were starting to kill me, so I opened my own website.  Plus, I couldn’t do sales and such the way I wanted to do them.  So, I opened my own website.  It is still a work in progress, but I love sewing and I feel that it should be affordable to everyone!  I can retire in a few years, and I hope that by then the store has grown enough to allow me to retire and stay at home and make things for people.

I love sewing, as I do other crafts as well.  My “specialities” are maxi skirts for little girls, quilts, and customized and personalized Christmas stockings.  I am still making up some examples, and I have a booth coming up at our local City days called the Highland Fling which is during the first month of August.  On September 17, my oldest daughter and I have a booth at an event called “Strut Your Mutt” where I will be offering customized dog/pet stockings and beds, as well as home made stocking stuffers and treat jars.  I am excited for both events, but we still have a lot to do  for it.

I live near the Riley Blake Fabric Warehouse, which is like putting a kid in a candy store.  🙂  I have been an instructor for their Cutting Corners College, as well as their pinterest page.  In addition, I have a Facebook page and a Pinterest page, all under “For Sew It Seams.”  And an instagram account…. and I am new to Twitter.  Thank goodness I have kids to help me work through all of this social media.

I look forward to meeting new people and sharing our thoughts and ideas.  If there is anything for the store that you would like to see more of, please feel free to drop me a line at forsewitseams@gmail.com.  Thanks for stopping by, and Happy Crafting!