Is Christmas over, already?

Wait!!  What happened?  I cannot believe that Christmas is over, already.  My 10 year old got the tree out, and it had ONE whole ornament on it.  YIKES!!!  I am now getting ready for Valentine’s Day… my LEAST favorite holiday of the year.  Why, you ask?  Well, I have been dumped 8 times on Valentine’s Day.  EIGHT!!!  Who does that?  At least wait until the day after…..  LOL….  Oh well……

I was “off the grid” there for a while, since I was so swamped that I couldn’t keep up with orders!  I am a one-woman shop… but I learned some lessons and I will get started earlier this year.  I am going to do some collars, leashes, and such for Valentine’s Day, and I have a new dog rug/blanket I am working on…. and I have something up my sleeve for Halloween that I will work on throughout the summer.  😉

I am also expecting my first grandchild in early June, and I just found out that she is having a boy.  Of course, I will have to sew some stuff for him…..  and I currently have 2 foster Rhodesian Ridgebacks…. and I am getting a puppy in mid to late January.  The foster dogs have a home to go to, so they will be leaving soon.  We will be sad, but I am so glad that they have found their forever home!