Christmas in July!

After the slowest SLUMP of sales I have seen since first opening my store with less than 70 items, business has started to pick up.  (Thank heavens.)  I just got in a bunch of Christmas batiks, and the pics just don’t do them justice!  I also got in a collection from Moda called “Ho Ho Ho” and a bunch of other stuff.  Yay!!!

I have been super busy tearing wallpaper off of my kitchen wall, a visit from my mother (who broke her arm after being here less than 24 hours,) becoming a first-time grandmother, and trying to manage the day to day life of my Etsy stores (yes, plural) it has been crazy.  Temps have been so high that I have to wait until dark to walk my dogs since the pavement is too hot.  Today it is raining and cooler, and I am not upset about that.  🙂

I just got a new program called Electric Quilt 7.  I am just starting to learn how to use it but my first attempt turned out pretty well.  I can design a quilt from scratch, or choose from thousands of layouts and blocks already there.  I can then put in a swatch of fabrics that I actually own and put them in the design and see what the quilt will look like before I even start cutting fabric.  I love this, since I sometimes pick out fabrics and wonder what on earth I was thinking.  LOL….  I am excited to explore this program further and see what great features it has!!  I also got a new seam ripper that I am trying out.  It has a lifetime warranty, so I will report back since I have entire baby quilt that I quilted but I pulled it too tight and it puckered once I took it off the frame.  DANG IT!  I hope everyone is having a great summer!  I will have more fabrics arriving daily.


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