Quilting on vacation

I recently took a trip to visit my parents and grandmother.  I live in Utah, they live in West Virginia.  I always love time to get away, but I also like it when I can come home with a sense of accomplishment.  My mother has a friend that often helps out with my beloved Grandmother.  This friend of hers is expecting her first grandchild.  She wanted me to make her a baby quilt, and they had picked out a gray theme but wanted it to be gender neutral since they don’t want to know the baby’s gender.  I made her friend come over and sew it herself, since we were just going to make a strip quilt.

Now, “make” isn’t the best word.  I “encouraged” her to do it.  She did a great job.  We used minky for the back, which tends to stretch when it is sewn, so I put the back on and did the edges.  I think it turned out well.  We used a “sew as you go” method, and I decided that it was so easy, and eliminated a lot of time quilting, that it deserves a tutorial!!  I just finished a booth of my dog collars and leashes last weekend, and I have another one coming up in a few weeks.  I will be busy getting ready for that, but as soon as I can find the time, I will get the “sew as you go” tutorial posted.  So, stay tuned!

In the meantime, my shop just got in some great double gauze fabrics.  This is what they used to call “swaddling muslin” and are the current fad for baby swaddling blankets.  They are so popular because they are breathable fabrics, so a baby can be swaddled, even in the summer, and the fabric will still breathe.  I was out of town, so I grabbed some fabric at the local JoAnn’s, and I put a binding border along the edges.  It turned out cute, if I do say so myself!  gryyellowbabystripquilt swaddling blanket swaddling blanket closer


Halloween Potion Labels

I have tried to learn how to use Photoshop, and I think that I am just a lost cause.  I am pathetic.  I can, however, use PicMonkey with a fair amount of understanding.  I used it to design a few printable Halloween Potion Labels.  I order labels for the products in my Etsy stores from onlinelabels.com.  I DO NOT get ANY type of compensation for ANY of this…  but it is what I use so I designed some labels for them.

If you go to onlinelabels.com, you can see the Graveyard Dust label I designed to go on their label here: Graveyard Dust.  I also have 2 more than I need to upload, but I have been so busy that I haven’t had a chance to do it, yet.  I am working on it!  🙂  There is a small teaser for you today.  I am in the process of doing some Stockings for Halloween… I mean, why not use the stocking hangers more than just for Christmas, right?  Those will be coming up as soon as I can get some done!

Christmas in July!

After the slowest SLUMP of sales I have seen since first opening my store with less than 70 items, business has started to pick up.  (Thank heavens.)  I just got in a bunch of Christmas batiks, and the pics just don’t do them justice!  I also got in a collection from Moda called “Ho Ho Ho” and a bunch of other stuff.  Yay!!!

I have been super busy tearing wallpaper off of my kitchen wall, a visit from my mother (who broke her arm after being here less than 24 hours,) becoming a first-time grandmother, and trying to manage the day to day life of my Etsy stores (yes, plural) it has been crazy.  Temps have been so high that I have to wait until dark to walk my dogs since the pavement is too hot.  Today it is raining and cooler, and I am not upset about that.  🙂

I just got a new program called Electric Quilt 7.  I am just starting to learn how to use it but my first attempt turned out pretty well.  I can design a quilt from scratch, or choose from thousands of layouts and blocks already there.  I can then put in a swatch of fabrics that I actually own and put them in the design and see what the quilt will look like before I even start cutting fabric.  I love this, since I sometimes pick out fabrics and wonder what on earth I was thinking.  LOL….  I am excited to explore this program further and see what great features it has!!  I also got a new seam ripper that I am trying out.  It has a lifetime warranty, so I will report back since I have entire baby quilt that I quilted but I pulled it too tight and it puckered once I took it off the frame.  DANG IT!  I hope everyone is having a great summer!  I will have more fabrics arriving daily.

Essential Oil storage

Recently, I have been acquiring some essential oils.  Having been a nay-sayer for years about essential oils, I am now having to “eat crow” and admit that they are wonderful.  I have had a hard time trying to find a place to put them all.  I grew tired of having to pick up each and every bottle to see the label on them.  I saw this great idea on Pinterest where a spice rack was used.  So, I headed out to TJ Maxx to find a spice rack to use.  I just so happen to get there on the day that they don’t have a spice rack.  (Of course)

While I was looking around, I had an epiphany.  I saw a bamboo cutlery tray.  I found a bottle of oil in the store and took it back to use to measure the cutlery tray.  I found one large enough, and headed to the register.  cutlery essential oils2

I am happy with it….  and I am going to have to find another one soon.  🙂

Happy Belated Mother’s Day!!

Well, I have to say that I have had better Mother’s Day days.  LOL…  I had to finish a baby crib, rocking chair, and ottoman for my daughter’s nursery.  I picked up my son from college to come spend the day with us, and cleaned my house.  With that said… I just had a scare with my grandmother being in the hospital.  She was released on Saturday, after a few days in there.  I am SO GRATEFUL that she is ok…  I don’t know what I would have done if something terrible had happened to her.  I love that lady soooo much.  She is awesome!!!

mom me mammaw

You have never met a more sassy, spunky, AWESOME lady in your whole life!!!  I am very blessed to have such a great family.  We are a little crazy, but I would not have it any other way!!  🙂  Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers, grandmothers, would-be mothers, those who want to be mothers… and everyone in between!!

Current fabric trends and a head’s up

Isn’t it funny how I spent my last dime (OK, nothing new…. I am always spending my last dime) but still…. spent my last dime to make sure that I had every possible color and color combination of chevron, because EVERYONE wanted it.  I got sick of looking at it, after a while, and I could see the trend starting to turn.  The geometric prints emerged (can I just note that I am in LOVE with them?) and then the quatrefoil was the newest and greatest thing.

I CAN say that I was smart enough to start selling it off and not replacing it, opting instead to get the new upcoming quatrefoil ordered before someone else could beat me to it.  🙂  OK… I am NOT that clever, but I did get in on it early and I gave the local fabric manufacturer a head’s up that it was going to be the “new chevron.”  I got to return a while later with an “I told you so” as they were out of stock on many of the more popular colors (gray and red.)

So, here is a head’s up for all of you before the craze starts and people are trying to make Christmas gifts and they just HAVE to have the most trendy fabrics…. METALLICS are the newest “in” thing.  I have already had people looking and looking for more of Camelot’s Nightfall collection, but most of them are sold out.  They JUST came out with a Heavy Metal Collection, so GET ON IT NOW or it will all be gone before June and you will just be out of luck.  🙂  There is my FREE tip of the week for you.  I will spice up a post for next week with some nice pics.  Until then, here is a free pattern I LOVE using Heavy Metal from the Camelot Fabrics website.  http://camelotfabrics.com/pdf/2014-fall-collections/Q-022B_HM.pdf

Until next time, Happy Crafting!

I impress even myself. HA ha ha ha ha

So, I have moved all the blah, blah, blah about my dogs over to another website, so you avid crafters, quilters, etc don’t have to listen to me blah, blah, blah about my super awesome fur babies!!  🙂  You’re welcome!

Here is my blog for the dog stuff:  https://wagswagpetsupplies.wordpress.com/  I have some cool new stuff coming up, in case you are interested.  I will be playing “mad scientist” this weekend with my fellow crafter, IF I don’t have to go drop off a foster dog in Vegas (yeah… my life is SO hard.)

The newest quilt

Well, my daughter HAD to have this quilt….  because she LOVES purple and she loves dragonflies.  It has wool applique for the antennae and applique heads.  It wasn’t the fastest quilt I have ever put together.  Regardless, I finished it…… right in time for her to decide that she no longer likes purple nor dragonflies.  Looks like I will list this one in my shop.  LOL…..

dragonfly quilt2