It is one of THOSE days!!!


Yeah… Sunday was just one of those days.   The handsome young fella on the left is Bentley, and owner surrendered Rhodesian Ridgeback/Boxer? mix who is so super sweet.  I found him on a website for the animal shelter, and my curiosity got the best of me.  I went and took him for a walk, and that was it.  I wasn’t leaving there without him.  He was so skinny…..  yes still wagging his tail, politely protesting going back into his “cell” and he turned and his eyes talked to me.  They begged me to not put him back in there.  I didn’t.

I brought him home, and he was so sweet on the way home.  He sat quietly and looked out the window, then laid down and slept the rest of the way.  Usually dogs have an adjustment period in a new home….  but he hasn’t had any problems, and not a single bathroom accident.  He has been here for about a week.  I took him to the vet the next day, and they didn’t notice any problems, but sent me home with some antibiotics in case he developed kennel cough.  Well, he did….  and since he has been at my house, he has been quarantined from my other dogs with the exception of a Sunday walk and the nap (pictured above.)  I still didn’t let them close to one another, no eating or drinking after one another, etc.

I found him a “forever home” with a family eager to greet him….. until we went to the vet yesterday.  While we were there, he started sneezing blood.  😦  The POOR BOY!!!  He is now on kennel rest, doctor’s orders, and a stronger antibiotic.  He is going back on Friday to see if he is well enough to travel to Vegas on Saturday to go to his forever home.  He is so awesome, it is hard to not get too attached.


I need tech help from my 14 and 10 year old daughters.

Apparently, I somehow changed the background of my blog by deleting images from the stored images, in an attempt to make room for more images.  LOL…. shows how much I know about tech stuff…. NOTHING.  So embarrassing to have to ask my 14 year old to help me edit in Photoshop, have my 10 year old help me download things and work the fancy TV remote, etc.  Ha ha ha ha ha…. come on…. I KNOW that I am not the only one.

I hope that everyone had a great Easter weekend.  I was going to take off next week from work, because my kids are on Spring Break.  I was going to finish my tutorial I am making on the dog bed (STILL not finished) and also to make a few things for my daughter’s upcoming baby shower (and my first grandchild.) However, I have to go in to work tomorrow, so now my day is completely a ruin.  I will try again on Tuesday!  It is ok, I will still get a few things done tomorrow, just not as much.  Plus, ANY day that I have to get up early is a complete ruin.

Today I made some soy candles for shower party favors, and I found some great tutorials on Pinterest.  I also made some sugar scrubs and I am going to have to make some printables that say “from Alexis’s shower, to yours” on them, as well as labels for Lavender Sugar Scrub.  My kitchen smells heavenly!  Tuesday, I will  make the cream cheese mints, and put them in the freezer.  Have a great week, and I will strive to finish the dog bed tutorial by the end of the week….fingers crossed.

New shop name? New products! And we fail Puppy Kindergarten…. LOL

This is me and my dog, Kyah, on the day that she turned 4 months old….  so about 2 weeks ago.  She is fun, but also a LOT of work.  Anyone who has ever owned a Rhodesian Ridgeback knows that they can be stubborn, high-maintenance divas.  I love it…..  and I am equally as stubborn so, rest assured, I always win.  She has almost completed Puppy Kindergarten, yet she still would rather play with the other dogs than to come when given the command.

Kyah and me at 4 months

Kyah and me at 4 months

I recently split my Etsy store into 2 different store, one for fabric and one for completed items.  I have Christmas stockings, pet collars and leashes, and recently some pet blankets.  I then realized that I have mostly pet items in a store that was to be primarily for quilts and such.  My quilts are mostly gone before I can get them finished, so that is a type of backfire.  However, I have a LOT of pet items in a store that is called “Sew Stitchin Awesome.”  So, I have decided that I need to move my pet items to a store more appropriately named, so I have decided to name the new store Wag Swag.  It will take me a long time to get it up and running, but I will get it done eventually.


I have been working on making some dog collars, and new blankets out of faux fur and minky  I also have drawn out a dog bone shaped blanket, but I have yet to get time to make one.  I have been working on a tutorial for making your own dog bed, and I will get it posted once I get a chance to finish it.  It is hard to find time to get everything done.  Spring has come early this year, and my yard is in need of some serious attention.

I have also been hand dying some hemp webbing for collars, and I am nearly ready to start putting prints on them and making those into collars.  Where does time go?  Kyah and I did a 5k this past Saturday to raise money for Animal Rescue centers.  I encourage everyone to download a free App called Walk for Dogs.  When you walk your own dog, the site donates money per mile to a local animal shelter or rescue that you choose!!  Such a great cause, for FREE….. and you get some exercise in the process!

Busy weekend!

Due to the discovery of new allergies that I didn’t know I had, it prompted a friend and I to make some DIY body products and laundry detergent.  I then decided to make them into a sort of “recipe book” for my children to use, as I have some adult daughters.  It was fun making them, and we only made a moderate mess.  The ingredients cost a LOT more than I expected, but given more time ….. I think that I could have found some better deals.  Today, I made sugar scrubs (not pictured,) whipped body butter, lotion bars, and lip balms.  In 20 minutes, I made 3 double recipes and put them in jars.  I found good deals on jars at Hobby Lobby when the glass is half off, and I ordered some of them on

making DIY body stuff making DIY body stuff finished products

We used some silicone molds to shape the lotion bars into shapes.  It was a fun day.

Never enough time….

Man, if I could just stay at home and work on all my “brilliant” crafting ideas…. I would have a lot more crafts?!!  LOL….  I am expecting my first order of faux fur to make some doggie blankets and crate pads for my new puppy, and a “tunnel” type of bed for my Doxie.  They LOVE to bury themselves, in my blankets, and mess up my bed.  ???????????????????????????????

I made this crate cover a few weekends ago, but I haven’t put the door on it, yet.  I was having a hard time trying to decide what color of fabric to use, but I want it different than the print on the crate cover.  🙂  I am working on some furniture upgrades for some of my kids, and I will see how my doggie blankets turn out.  I saw some on sale for $100 and thought I could make it for less.  I was so wrong… fake fur is super expensive.  Now I know…..  I will see what I can come up with over the weekend.  Have a safe and wonderful weekend!!

I should be ashamed!!!

I think I should just fire myself now.  I have not even kept up on my blog… so shame on me!  My fabric Etsy store, forsewitseams2, has been keeping me super busy.  My other Etsy store, sewstitchinawesome, is more fun because I actually get to sew stuff.  I primarily make dog collars and leashes, but I have some quilts on there and it was crazy around Christmas because I made Christmas stockings and Halloween stockings.  I am going to stock up on those, this year!

Here is what is new:  for the For Sew It Seams (2) Etsy store, we have been getting in a TON of metallics.  And they sell almost as quickly as I get them in.  The Art Gallery collection Littlest has become suddenly popular, and I keep running out of it.  For the Sew Stitchin Awesome store, there is a LOT of new stuff coming.  I have been dyeing hemp to make hemp collars and leashes.  I also ordered a whole side of leather, in different colors, to cut myself and make some cool collars from.  I also have already started on the dog bone stockings that I sold out of last Christmas.  This coming year, I am doing some out of denim.

On top of all this, I got a new Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy, and she starts Puppy Kindergarten tonight.  I am so excited.


I blame her for my lack of time.  She thinks that my Yorkies are play toys, so I spend part of my day protecting them from her awesome, big paws.  I will post pics of the hemp and leather collars once I get them finished, as well as the bone shaped stockings.  I plan on doing Strut Your Mutt again this year.  Can’t wait!!

Is Christmas over, already?

Wait!!  What happened?  I cannot believe that Christmas is over, already.  My 10 year old got the tree out, and it had ONE whole ornament on it.  YIKES!!!  I am now getting ready for Valentine’s Day… my LEAST favorite holiday of the year.  Why, you ask?  Well, I have been dumped 8 times on Valentine’s Day.  EIGHT!!!  Who does that?  At least wait until the day after…..  LOL….  Oh well……

I was “off the grid” there for a while, since I was so swamped that I couldn’t keep up with orders!  I am a one-woman shop… but I learned some lessons and I will get started earlier this year.  I am going to do some collars, leashes, and such for Valentine’s Day, and I have a new dog rug/blanket I am working on…. and I have something up my sleeve for Halloween that I will work on throughout the summer.  😉

I am also expecting my first grandchild in early June, and I just found out that she is having a boy.  Of course, I will have to sew some stuff for him…..  and I currently have 2 foster Rhodesian Ridgebacks…. and I am getting a puppy in mid to late January.  The foster dogs have a home to go to, so they will be leaving soon.  We will be sad, but I am so glad that they have found their forever home!


Strut Your Mutt 2014

Well, I have survived my first booth at Strut Your Mutt… and I do believe that I have found my niche in the retail world.  I had a great time making items for the booth, and it was what I would call a huge success.  I am looking forward to next year!  Our booth looked like this:

strut your mutt booth 2014

I learned a lot about what sizes are most popular, and what people like the best.  I even sold some shirts that I made….

strut your mutt booth 2014 2

I have ignored my blog and Facebook page while i was getting ready, but I am back and ready to get things organized.  I had to separate my Etsy stores because the finished items were getting lost in the fabric listings.  🙂 I named the store with the finished items Sew Stitchin’ Awesome.  I am going to go to Petaluma, CA and do their Farmer’s Market in a few weeks.  I am excited to go and visit friends and experience my first Farmer’s Market.

Am I the ONLY ONE?

Do you ever feel like you are going crazy?  LOL….  I think I am there… and it wasn’t a long trip!  There are just not enough hours in a day!!  I have the Strut Your Mutt booth coming up in NINE DAYS!!  I am not nearly ready enough…. heaven help me!  I have more stockings to sew, more leashes and collars to make… and why in the world can I not find the supplies I need to make them with?  UGH….  I even ordered stuff online, just to wait a few days and when it arrives, it is too big, too small, too flimsy, etc. 

So…..  I am done whining and complaining, now.  I keep selling out of the pugs and kisses fabric…  but I DID squeeze in time to make some leashes and a collar from the “dots” of the Pug collection.  I got some fusible interfacing on my iron that got on the collar, so please ignore the black mark.  My dog is now wearing that “defective” collar, and I am making more.  🙂  pooh pooh dots leash???????????????????????????????

So there they are.  🙂  I am making some “clean up bag” holders from them tomorrow.  I need more hours in my day.  I need someone who can just sit there and conjure up whatever idea comes into my mind.  LOL….  and I can DREAM ON!! 

Stop school bullying?

Where did the summer go?  Geez….  I didn’t even get to enjoy it much!  With that said, my kids returned to school this week.  I am actually sad….  I have so much homework to help out with, and I don’t like all the hussle and bustle… I love the laid back atmosphere of the summer.  With that said, my kids and I had a chat about bullying and how to handle it. 

I grew up that dorky, geeky, skinny, redheaded kid.  I was picked on, taunted, and teased.  Relentlessly.  Nonetheless, I handled it well enough that it stopped.  What was my secret?  Well, think about it….  why do kids bully other kids?  Low self esteem, behavior they learned at home, to make themselves feel better (which goes back to low self esteem.) 

I first addressed with my kids the behavior that they may have learned at home.  There is a need to have some compassion for a child who has grown up under not the best of circumstances.  NOT to the detriment of yourself or others, but to at least have an understanding of where they are coming from in order to best handle it.  Of course, being the sassy person that I am, I would say right to them…. “oh, I am sorry…. do your mommy and daddy pick on you at home?  Do you need me to call some adults to help you out?”  I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS ONE!!!  BAD IDEA..   I just am sassy and I don’t care.  The beating that may result from the bully isn’t worth it to you to say that to them… for me, that is another story.  😉

The other issue is MUCH easier to address.  The bully is wanting attention, negative or otherwise, because for some odd reason that fills a need that they have… or perhaps just a want.  Regardless, my daughter, now 23 years old, came to me when she was 16 or 17 and said that bullies would not leave her alone and would say awful things to and about her and her twin sister.  I advised her to reply with “thank you for sharing your opinion with me.  Is there anything else that you would like to share?”  The bully stammered while the other kids standing around started snickering.  The bully turned around and stomped off. 

Not to be defeated, the bully returned the next day to try again.  After all, the ego was damaged from the previous day and they had to “save face.”  The usual insults were hurled at her, and she gave the same response.  The bully replied with a shove.  She stood her ground and asked them if they now felt better, and asked if there was something that they wanted to talk about.  The bully replied with a hurl of insults as they stomped off. 

For the week to follow, the bully had NOTHING to say to her.  What good was it to try, when they would just end up looking stupid?   She came home and proclaimed me a “genius” for helping her solve this issue.  I am FAR from being a genius.  I am certain that this will not work for every type of bullying.  Some bullies are just downright nasty and physical, and those require a totally different type of intervention.   Kids who bully are mean and awful, but it is so out of control right now that the issue needs to be addressed at a higher level than I could ever provide.  This is just a suggestion from a mom who has been there….  this isn’t the total answer to bullying.  But, at least it is a start…..