The newest quilt

Well, my daughter HAD to have this quilt….  because she LOVES purple and she loves dragonflies.  It has wool applique for the antennae and applique heads.  It wasn’t the fastest quilt I have ever put together.  Regardless, I finished it…… right in time for her to decide that she no longer likes purple nor dragonflies.  Looks like I will list this one in my shop.  LOL…..

dragonfly quilt2


I should be ashamed!!!

I think I should just fire myself now.  I have not even kept up on my blog… so shame on me!  My fabric Etsy store, forsewitseams2, has been keeping me super busy.  My other Etsy store, sewstitchinawesome, is more fun because I actually get to sew stuff.  I primarily make dog collars and leashes, but I have some quilts on there and it was crazy around Christmas because I made Christmas stockings and Halloween stockings.  I am going to stock up on those, this year!

Here is what is new:  for the For Sew It Seams (2) Etsy store, we have been getting in a TON of metallics.  And they sell almost as quickly as I get them in.  The Art Gallery collection Littlest has become suddenly popular, and I keep running out of it.  For the Sew Stitchin Awesome store, there is a LOT of new stuff coming.  I have been dyeing hemp to make hemp collars and leashes.  I also ordered a whole side of leather, in different colors, to cut myself and make some cool collars from.  I also have already started on the dog bone stockings that I sold out of last Christmas.  This coming year, I am doing some out of denim.

On top of all this, I got a new Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy, and she starts Puppy Kindergarten tonight.  I am so excited.


I blame her for my lack of time.  She thinks that my Yorkies are play toys, so I spend part of my day protecting them from her awesome, big paws.  I will post pics of the hemp and leather collars once I get them finished, as well as the bone shaped stockings.  I plan on doing Strut Your Mutt again this year.  Can’t wait!!

Strut Your Mutt 2014

Well, I have survived my first booth at Strut Your Mutt… and I do believe that I have found my niche in the retail world.  I had a great time making items for the booth, and it was what I would call a huge success.  I am looking forward to next year!  Our booth looked like this:

strut your mutt booth 2014

I learned a lot about what sizes are most popular, and what people like the best.  I even sold some shirts that I made….

strut your mutt booth 2014 2

I have ignored my blog and Facebook page while i was getting ready, but I am back and ready to get things organized.  I had to separate my Etsy stores because the finished items were getting lost in the fabric listings.  🙂 I named the store with the finished items Sew Stitchin’ Awesome.  I am going to go to Petaluma, CA and do their Farmer’s Market in a few weeks.  I am excited to go and visit friends and experience my first Farmer’s Market.