Current fabric trends and a head’s up

Isn’t it funny how I spent my last dime (OK, nothing new…. I am always spending my last dime) but still…. spent my last dime to make sure that I had every possible color and color combination of chevron, because EVERYONE wanted it.  I got sick of looking at it, after a while, and I could see the trend starting to turn.  The geometric prints emerged (can I just note that I am in LOVE with them?) and then the quatrefoil was the newest and greatest thing.

I CAN say that I was smart enough to start selling it off and not replacing it, opting instead to get the new upcoming quatrefoil ordered before someone else could beat me to it.  🙂  OK… I am NOT that clever, but I did get in on it early and I gave the local fabric manufacturer a head’s up that it was going to be the “new chevron.”  I got to return a while later with an “I told you so” as they were out of stock on many of the more popular colors (gray and red.)

So, here is a head’s up for all of you before the craze starts and people are trying to make Christmas gifts and they just HAVE to have the most trendy fabrics…. METALLICS are the newest “in” thing.  I have already had people looking and looking for more of Camelot’s Nightfall collection, but most of them are sold out.  They JUST came out with a Heavy Metal Collection, so GET ON IT NOW or it will all be gone before June and you will just be out of luck.  🙂  There is my FREE tip of the week for you.  I will spice up a post for next week with some nice pics.  Until then, here is a free pattern I LOVE using Heavy Metal from the Camelot Fabrics website.

Until next time, Happy Crafting!


I should be ashamed!!!

I think I should just fire myself now.  I have not even kept up on my blog… so shame on me!  My fabric Etsy store, forsewitseams2, has been keeping me super busy.  My other Etsy store, sewstitchinawesome, is more fun because I actually get to sew stuff.  I primarily make dog collars and leashes, but I have some quilts on there and it was crazy around Christmas because I made Christmas stockings and Halloween stockings.  I am going to stock up on those, this year!

Here is what is new:  for the For Sew It Seams (2) Etsy store, we have been getting in a TON of metallics.  And they sell almost as quickly as I get them in.  The Art Gallery collection Littlest has become suddenly popular, and I keep running out of it.  For the Sew Stitchin Awesome store, there is a LOT of new stuff coming.  I have been dyeing hemp to make hemp collars and leashes.  I also ordered a whole side of leather, in different colors, to cut myself and make some cool collars from.  I also have already started on the dog bone stockings that I sold out of last Christmas.  This coming year, I am doing some out of denim.

On top of all this, I got a new Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy, and she starts Puppy Kindergarten tonight.  I am so excited.


I blame her for my lack of time.  She thinks that my Yorkies are play toys, so I spend part of my day protecting them from her awesome, big paws.  I will post pics of the hemp and leather collars once I get them finished, as well as the bone shaped stockings.  I plan on doing Strut Your Mutt again this year.  Can’t wait!!

Am I the ONLY ONE?

Do you ever feel like you are going crazy?  LOL….  I think I am there… and it wasn’t a long trip!  There are just not enough hours in a day!!  I have the Strut Your Mutt booth coming up in NINE DAYS!!  I am not nearly ready enough…. heaven help me!  I have more stockings to sew, more leashes and collars to make… and why in the world can I not find the supplies I need to make them with?  UGH….  I even ordered stuff online, just to wait a few days and when it arrives, it is too big, too small, too flimsy, etc. 

So…..  I am done whining and complaining, now.  I keep selling out of the pugs and kisses fabric…  but I DID squeeze in time to make some leashes and a collar from the “dots” of the Pug collection.  I got some fusible interfacing on my iron that got on the collar, so please ignore the black mark.  My dog is now wearing that “defective” collar, and I am making more.  🙂  pooh pooh dots leash???????????????????????????????

So there they are.  🙂  I am making some “clean up bag” holders from them tomorrow.  I need more hours in my day.  I need someone who can just sit there and conjure up whatever idea comes into my mind.  LOL….  and I can DREAM ON!! 

Recent Happenings

My first booth is this weekend, at our local city fair.  I have a 10 by 10 booth, and I am lucky that it is only one day.  However, I have spent WEEKS getting ready for it.  I don’t really know what to expect, or how things will go.  It will be an exciting adventure.  There is NO WAY that I will finish everything in time, so I will just take what is done by Saturday morning.  No problem, right?!  No need to stress….

dog leash

I decided to try my hand at making a dog leash.  I do have another booth coming up in Sept called “Strut Your Mutt” and is a dog theme.  (I know, that is kinda obvious from the name.)  I thought that these would be quick and easy, so I gave it a try.  I think it turned out kinda cute, but I will see how it goes.  I will be making a tutorial for the leash as soon as I remember to download the pics!  So, there will be 2 tutorials coming up soon!! 

Christmas fabrics are arriving all the time, and I can’t decide what to make first!  As soon as my booth is over on Saturday, and I get a chance to clean up the disaster I have made all over my house, I will get the tutorials posted.  Until then, here is a glimpse of the Christmas stuff I JUST got in!